Biometrice service in India

A Biometric Device is a device by which a person can be identified. A biometric machine can indent a person’s face by eye, voice, finger or thumb impression. No biometric data can be stolen. You can also device software in a computer.

First several departments of the country individuals were identified by picture, signature, hand thumb and fingerprints, but with this system having too much scams. In view of fraud, biometric devices like fingerprint scanners are being installed in school in many departments of the country to implements the biometric attendance machine.

Why is Biometric Important?

  1. In order to protect the real identity of a person, those biometric machines are very important.
  2. Biometric machines are needed to prevent unauthorized people from entering. The gate opens only after your biometric verification is there.
  3. It can also identify people who cannot disclose their address such as children and elderly people. The biggest example of this is the Aadhar Card, through which we can find out the address of anyone and get information about it. Has a biometric machine been used in this.
  4. Biometric Attendance Machine is being implemented in office, school, collage, hospital, factories so that people can attend their place on time and the system improves.

As technology is improving technology is getting better. This kind of technology has greatly improved our work.

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